Ultra Bright White (96 Brightness), Recycled Bright White (91 Brightness)
Imaging and Light Cockle
20 lb., 24 lb. Writing


  • Innovative Multi-Directional Watermark. Regardless of which side you insert into your printer, the watermark reads correctly
  • Private Watermarks available
  • Archival Quality, made with Neutral pH for Longevity
  • Matching Envelopes Available
  • Recycled option contains 25% cotton, 30% post consumer fiber.
  • Guaranteed for laser and ink jet printers and high speed copiers.


A Brighter Shade of Green

Atlas Bond Papers are made with a minimum of 30% post consumer fiber and meets federal procurement guidelines. All mill processes, including packaging, are environmentally preferable.
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Elegant but Hard-Working

This highly versatile cotton fiber paper gets the job done on so many hard-working imaging platforms. It performs. Whether your needs are high speed or short runs, it can go the distance.

Save Time and Money

ATLAS Bond is purposely streamlined to be ultra-practical while giving up none of the elegance. No wonder it’s a customer favorite. With incredible flexibility, you save time and money when you specify ATLAS Bond.

For Desktop and Traditional Printing

Whether a smooth surface or a subtly textured surface is preferred, ATLAS Bond offers something for everyone with a high-tech Imaging Finish and a more traditional Light Cockle Finish. Both finishes are guaranteed to print in ink jet, laser printers and high speed copiers.


Matching Envelopes

Imaging (select color to view available products)

Recycled Bright White
91 Brightness
Ultra Bright White
96 Brightness

Light Cockle (select color to view available products)

Recycled Bright White
91 Brightness
Ultra Bright White
96 Brightness

No printed material is currently available for this brand.


Finish Basis (lbs) Basis (g/m2) Opacity Caliper (pt) Smoothness
Imaging 20W 75 88 4.2 220
24W 90 90 5.0 220
Light Cockle 20W 75 88 4.7 320
24W 90 90 5.6 320

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