The Design Collection

Introducing the Neenah Paper Design Collection

Give your next project the best of both worlds. Inspired by Italy's top fashion houses and America's leading designers, The Design Collection offers 11 specialty papers with countless creative options.

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The Design Collection - STARDREAM Papers


Shimmering pearelscent text and cover variations that add an “astral” effect to any project.

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The Design Collection - ESSE Papers

ESSE® Papers

One-of-a-kind palettes from the creative mind of renowned queen of color Beatrice Santicciioli.

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The Design Collection - PLIKE Papers

PLIKE® Papers NEW!

One-of-a-kind “plastic-like” surface which prints beautifully, provides a tactile sensation and an artistic innovation.

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The Design Collection - OXFORD Papers

OXFORD® Papers

Renowned design curator Holly Hunt lent her vision to these stunning – and symbolic – colors.

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The Design Collection - EAMES Papers

EAMES™ Papers

Rich and practical papers, inspired by the work and philosophy of design legends Charles and Ray Eames.

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The Design Collection - STARWHITE Papers


Stellar surfaces that offer an irresistible tactile softness and superior print performance for any occasion.

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The Design Collection - CANALETTO Papers


Italian papermarking art dating back four centuries with a touch of cotton, creating strength and beauty, durability and class.


The Design Collection - MOONDREAM Papers


An innovative and technically advanced paper that becomes translucent with heatand pressure and is ideally suited for sculpted multilevel embossing.

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The Design Collection - SO..SILK Papers

SO...SILK® Papers NEW!

Sensuous and silky to the touch, these free flowing papers outfit your design, whether print or package, with luxury and elegance.

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The Design Collection - TETON Papers

TETON® Papers

Perfect for invitations, an alluring felt texture complemented by a signature deckle edge.

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The Design Collection - WILD Papers

WILD Papers NEW!

A perfectly wild surface for embossing and letterpress with 35% cotton, the color is neutral and the texture is nuanced.

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